Thursday, September 24, 2009

Save your Local Economy!!

Yes, one person CAN make a difference! Take the 3/50 challenge... visit 3, and spend 50.... yes it is THAT simple to save your Local Economy!! This year has been a challenge for many of your locally owned and operated businesses. However, these very businesses are the local people who so readily contribute to your causes. Whether it is the Relay for Life, or the Fire Department Penny Social.... where DO all those contributions come from??? Now, more than ever, we need each other!!

Have a great day!! Ellen

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Artists' Cafe 09/12/2009

The Art Cafe last night was you could say "fun". I (Sam) personally do not enjoy art. However I enjoyed some of the people there and the talking, eating (of course), and laughing. The entertainment of the night was Zach Cooper, Josh Lennon, Trevor Hults, and Kyle Hults- sorry if I missed anyone. The music was lively and humorous. It was a very enjoyable event and most definetely one to remember. If Quimby & Smith should hold one again, if you did not this time, next time you should find yourself there enjoying the party. The Art by Canace are great abstract pieces with titles to leave you thinking. And like I said I don't like art so thats pretty good. My bff ever was there, Siobhan and she enjoyed it too. See you next time...Sam.