Friday, August 7, 2009

The Present and The Future...Read This Now!

Today it is 74 degrees outside, sunny, with 49% humidity, and an over come of SAM!!! This isn't a boring weather forecast! If you are a very serious person turn around now! I am sitting in Quimby & Smith writing this page...enjoying the day. And because Pine Bush is always buzzing it would seem appropriate that tomorrow is the second ever Pine Bush Arts Tour. What is an Arts Tour? Well if you didn't go to the first one (shame on you) then you probably don't know- unless one of your cool friends who did go told you. Well the Arts Tour entals a day of all kinds of art- sculptures, paintings, pottery, music, jewelry and more. One of my personally favorite artists- James Lo Rubbio will be at Reflections Hair Studio- go see his work! Well I have to go for now...Tootles!

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